The Drone/UAV/UAS industry is one of the most exciting emerging industries in the world today. Financial analysts project the economic impact of the Drone/UAV/UAS industry will be $82 billion dollars by 2025 in the U.S. alone! The same analysts also project 103,000 new U.S. jobs will be created by 2025.

In addition to having broad knowledge of Drone/UAV/UAS law, I am General Counsel for a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved Drone/UAV/UAS company named SkyViewHD. I have successfully filed Section 333 FAA Petitions and Amendments as well as advised clients on commercial operations under part 107.

The FAA has been tasked with regulating Drones/UAVs/UASs in the U.S. and presently the primary manner in which you may fly a Drone/UAV/UAS for commercial purposes in the U.S. is by being successfully granted an FAA Section 333 exemption or under Part 107. The FAA presents unique regulatory challenges to commercial Drone/UAV/UAS operators and it is important to utilize an experienced attorney who will help you through the process.

Such an exciting and evolving industry creates significant challenges as regulations, laws and requirement are changing constantly. While the opportunity is remarkable, you will face important decisions as the industry develops from a hobby user base to a commercial user base. With significant and difficult choices ahead, you need competent legal counsel and I am able to help both businesses and individuals navigate the Drone/UAV/UAS market.

I am able to advise commercial Drone/UAV/UAS operators on most types of commercial uses such as photography, videography, site and structure inspections, infrared imaging, precision surveying, RF analysis, IR analysis, precision agriculture, Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) data capture, multispectral data capture, volumetric studies, chemical measurement and particulate measurement.

As I am experienced in this industry and have successfully handled FAA regulatory issues, I am able to provide important guidance in the complex Drone/UAV/UAS market.

Contact me today to discuss how to legally maximize your opportunities in the exciting Drone/UAV/UAS industry.


Do I need a Section 333 FAA Exemption?

With the FAA's implimentation of Part 107, a Section 333 Exemption has far less value than in the past and is only necessary for a unique niche of drone operations. The Section 333 Exemption is extremely restrictive due to the requirement that the Pilot in Command hold a pilot's license for manned aircraft and have a visual observer for all flights.

What is Part 107?

In August 2016, the FAA released a new regulation is known as “Part 107″ so that someone who does not have pilot’s license for manned aircraft may operate a Drone/UAV/UAS for commercial purposes. Instead of needing to be a licensed pilot to fly, an operator will take an aeronautical knowledge test and need to acquire an operator’s certificate. Part 107 also removed the requirement for a visual observer which creates significant business efficiencies.

What is a Commercial Purpose?

A commercial purpose, as defined by the FAA, occurs when a Drone/UAV/UAS operator derives a commercial benefit even if there is no exchange of money. For example, a real estate agent or broker that purchases a Drone/UAV/UAS and films a piece of property that they have listed in an attempt to assist with the sale of the property needs to have an FAA Exemption. Unauthorized use of a Drone/UAV/UAS for commercial purposes may result fines by the FAA. Many people don’t think the FAA cares about unauthorized Drone/UAV/UAS use but the FAA has recently proposed significant fines and all indications are that the FAA will ramp up enforcement and corresponding fines in large part due to the incidents near airports and the general public which could be catastrophic to people and property.

Am I required to be a licensed pilot?

Only under a Section 333 but not under Part 107 as the FAA issues a different certificate to operate under Part 107.

Is Stiles Law, P.A. allowed to guide me on laws related to Drone/UAV/UAS use?

Typically, I am able to assist with FAA regulations in almost any state in the U.S. but I only advise clients located in Florida or considering doing business in Florida on specific compliance requirements under Florida law. Florida has a specific “drone” law which each and every operator must understand and this applies to the commercial user as well as the hobbyist.


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